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Abundantly, above, and beyond
5-day challenge

Redefine to Redesign The Life That You Desire


✅ You'd start the business, but where's the LLC?

✅ You said you were all about "The Soft Life," yet you're still working for money instead of learning how to make money work for you.

✅ You said you'd create additional income streams but have allowed Imposter Syndrome to keep you on the sidelines while your multimillion-dollar ideas are sitting on your Google Drive


THIS was supposed to be the year your name would start ringing bells, so why haven't we heard anything yet, Sis?


I don't want to get all "Kim Burrell" on you, but I want to let you know that on the other side of…


🚫 Self-Doubt

🚫 Procrastination

🚫 Imposter Syndrome

🚫 Information Overload

🚫 The Scarcity and Lack Mindset




The REAL you waiting to level up, the version of yourself that is enjoying vacations, debt-free living, and the best life has to offer.


Whether you believe it or not, "YOU ARE THAT GIRL," and I will show you how to live a life that is Abundantly Above And Beyond what you've been settling for.

Imagine how it feels to...

💓 Operate from a place of certainty

💓 KNOW that bigger is waiting for you.

💓 Take inspired action and move like a "boss" no matter what your bank balance says

Can You See Yourself...

✅ Writing a check and telling Sallie Mae #BYE

✅ Flying first-class and experiencing life with your loved ones at the highest level

✅ Handling multiple streams of income and knowing that God trusts you to bear fruit and multiply your talents

All Of This Is Possible In This Season...

By the end of the 5-Day Challenge, you will…


➡️ Redefine what the Abundantly Above & Beyond Lifestyle means to you so that you have the clarity needed to move forward.


➡️ Assess your money blueprint so that you can stop self-sabotaging behaviors and start making decisions from a place of power.


➡️  Take action to restore order to your finances and achieve abundance.


➡️ Learn how to balance Black Girl Luxury and financial responsibility. 


Join The Abundantly Above & Beyond

FREE 5-Day Challenge

Can We Be Honest For A Second?

All summer, you've been either worshiping to Maverick City's Jireh, believing that God was dependable or proudly proclaiming that no one could "Break Your Soul" with Beyonce'.


Either way, you've been energetically claiming that YOU are "THAT GIRL," but as the cool weather starts to blow in, so does your reality.


While you've made some progress, It's the end of another season, and you are NO closer to your goals.


About Natalie:

Hi, my name is Natalie Taylor; 


I lead radical transformations in mind business and finance, helping clients create high-performing offers, maximizing cash flow, and sustaining wealth.


But I wasn't always this woman.


I used to think that having a 6-figure income meant security...


But the truth was that I was living from paycheck to paycheck and that was not the definition of security. Then I lost my business and my income in one fell swoop in September 2016 with nothing to live off.


In this challenge, I will walk you through how to go from broke and broken to living an Abundantly Above And Beyond Lifestyle.

DF2A8961 - Edited.png
DF2A8983 - Edited (1).png

This challenge is for you if you are...

✅ Career-preneur looking to create multiple streams of income


✅ Burnt Out Freelancer who needs to realign their business and life


✅ A Frustrated Coach who needs to put into ACTION what they teach in theory


✅ Aspiring Digital Nomad trying to figure out how to cut the strings and finally live freely


✅ The Solopreneur that is tired of paying the IRS more than they pay themselves.

For 5-Days I will take you through the WORK that leads to the Abundantly Above and Beyond Lifestyle.


During this live call, you will define what it means to live in abundance and learn how to cast a clear vision of your future.


I will help you assess your Money Blueprint and explain how your internal thoughts lead to self-sabotaging behaviors.


You will learn to evaluate your finances without judgment and create a plan for walking, talking, and living out your desired lifestyle, no matter what your bank account says.


I will share my system for creating an abundance fund, the dream fund, and the legend fund. By understanding the purpose of each fund, you'll learn how to live a life where you swipe your credit card without fearing if your budget can handle it.


Let's dust off those multi-million dollar ideas and discuss opening yourself up to earn more. My team and I will share different ways you can make your money, and your skills work FOR YOU.

what my clients say



Are the calls live or pre-recorded?

The calls are live and will be hosted over Zoom. You will have the opportunity to ask questions and get real-time feedback from our team of experts.



What if I can't make the live calls?


No problem! We will record each call and send out the recordings to all participants. You will have access to the replay for 30 days.



Do I need to save a certain amount of money before joining the challenge?


No, you can join the challenge no matter how much money you have saved. The Abundantly Above and Beyond Lifestyle Challenge is about energetically BECOMING the person who effortlessly attracts. The second half of the challenge is focused on actionable steps to go from where you are now to where you want to be.



How long do I have access to the content?


The replay will be available for 30 Days.



Can I work with Natalie one-on-one?


Yes! You can learn more about working with Natalie by emailing her at

Subject: One-on-One Coaching.

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